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What's Inside?

Your people!

Seriously. Imagine those deep intellectual conversations - that frequently detour into pure foolishness - that you have with your best friends over pancakes and wine at midnight. Or guac and chips and orange juice at 3pm in the afternoon (you do you).

Inside is a vibrant community of curious and passionate people who are excited to learn about the world and its people through food.

We talk about the BIG questions, What is the role of the prison industrial complex in our modern day food system? 🤔 And little questions, What classifies as a sandwich? . . . Wait, is a taco a sandwich, or is a sandwich a taco?  🤯

Join us as we share thoughts, ideas, and experiences to deepen our awareness of other cultures, dig into the comfortable and uncomfortable histories, and co-create an intentional community.

Perks of Being a Member

Members of all levels join our Round Table community where we collectively share interesting articles, fun facts, upcoming events, some truly legendary virtual high fives, and you get to see some glimpses behind the curtain in the making of our community-based food museum. Different membership levels will give you:

  • 😎 Weekly Bite-Sized stories about brilliant food inventions, odd outdated beliefs, and the incredible origins of your favorite food traditions,
  • 📅 Early access to exhibits, activities, workshops, and lectures,
  • Voting rights on future museum programs,
  • 🎟️ Exclusive members-only events, and
  • 📬 Special goodies packaged with love and mailed to you (like, in the literal mail),
  • Oh, and the best for last, 🥳 A community of wonderful people just itching to meet the cool and wonderful YOU!

Experience. Learn. Share. Be You.

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The Museum of Food and Culture is a long overdue, and refreshing look at what unites us, [what] makes this such an interesting planet to inhabit and [it] embraces and honors cultural traditions around the globe. So happy to have happened upon it!
-- Flo R.

The Museum of Food and Culture is well-positioned to approach difficult topics with the creativity and diligence they deserve.
-- Nicole G.

Each event expands my knowledge and understanding of how everyday food is woven into different cultures and histories. I love all the little tidbits I come away with!
-- Elisa S.

A HUGE Thanks!

Your support makes it possible for us to grow the FIRST community-based food museum. Thank you form considering membership, and if there's anything I can help with, please feel free to reach out.

About the Museum of Food and Culture

Our mission is to inspire curiosity, creativity, and community with food, history, and culture. Since 2019, we’ve been creating hands-on programs designed to spark conversations about social justice issues, share personal experiences and perspectives, and highlight the unsung stories of history. Because everyone’s voice matters when it comes to food, and when we make space for and amplify those voices, it is possible to see how much more similar we are than different.

Oh, and we’ve got big plans to grow into a physical space in Denver, CO by 2025!